About Us

Our Company

ZILLA is an innovative and ethical organization committed to provide best in its class products and services that are created to deliver highest level of satisfaction for its customers. ZILLA successfully leverages the decades of experience of his key personnels to create a wide range of products and service. These products are manufactured at most sophisticated plants using leading edge technologies.

Our Values

Uniting all of ZILLA's activities is its value system. A strict code of ethics, an unstinting commitment to customers & employees, and a well-defined management philosophy form the core of the ZILLA organization.

All aspects of business life are conducted on the basis of honesty, fairness and mutual trust. ZILLA is driven by its commitment to provide the highest quality products and services to customers that enhance their competitive edge and effectively fulfill their current and foreseen needs.

ZILLA considers its people its biggest asset and aims to provide opportunities and incentives to ensure the growth and fulfillment of every member of the ZILLA family. Through an empowering management style, a network structure and open communication at all levels, ZILLA provides a caring and nurturing environment wherein each member is naturally inspired to give his / her best.

It is this value system that guides ZILLA’s evolution as an ethical, learning and innovative organization.

Our Vision

ZILLA envisions itself to be global supplier of lowest cost but quality products / services with dominant market share in India and respectable market share in select global markets. It will strive to delight customers by building long term partnership by offering high quality innovative products and services to enable them enhance their competitive edge and goodwill. ZILLA envisions to be the most preferred employer in the industry. It provides an environment for employees to realize their full potential. It has highest respect for the environment and human health. ZILLA will stand for highest ethical standards, total transparency and will be most preferred investment vehicle for all the stakeholders. ZILLA will employ cutting edge technology in the manufacture of cartridges with best-in-class practices for all the business processes.

Our Mission

Our business is to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our customers and all the stake holders. Our mission is to continuously improve all our business processes and productivity to achieve a level of excellence that is best in class. We will create an environment which will act as motivator to continuously develop innovative products and services. ZILLA, a humane and value driven organization provides a caring culture, promotes family well being and provides high growth opportunities to its people. ZILLA will be a responsible firm by committing to use of renewable energy having eco-friendly processes and products and give back its best to society.

Our Culture

Customer Focus

Be the most preferred business partner for our customers by fulfilling the customer’s current and future needs in a manner that is vastly superior to all competitors.

Technology Focus

Be the technology leader, and practice next-to-none excellence in manufacturing, marketing & all business processes, for the sheer joy of it.

Alliance Focus

Be the most preferred alliance partner for global industry leaders, by delivering what is promised and promising only what can be delivered.

Stakeholder Focus

Be the most preferred investment vehicle for shareholders and financial institutions, by providing them with superior returns on capital employed.

Spiritual Focus

Be focused on the ultimate goal in life:

Self Realization - Consider work as a means to achieve this goal; Remain blissful through total faith in God.

Be recognized by total humility, absolute honesty of purpose, truthfulness, fair & ethical behavior, and a gentle sense of humor.

This is not a wish-list. This is the basis of being for ZILLA.